‘Employer of tomorrow’ contest PARP. InPhoTech is the winner!

Autumn is the time of many prestigious contests resolutions and presentation distinctions and rewards. After nominations for the Polish Presidential Award and the Business Vision Award time has come for the main prize of the Employer of tomorrow, awarded by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP)! PARP is awarding businesses investing in national education as well as providing training grounds and investing in development of their own employees skillset. We have been awarded for our educational programme directed to especially young people. Within the work with the Polish Cluster of Photonics and Fibres we are promoting achievements in the photonic science, describing our innovative work in that area, and encourage young people to think about their future careers in this so passionate and promising field.

Our educational programme involves cooperation with all educational level students e.g.:

  • Lectures in High schools and colleges explaining complexities of chemistry and physics
  • Innovative solutions and products displays for schools
  • Participation in school events (e.g. The Light Day, The Telecommunication Day)
  • Sponsoring of technical profiles classes
  • Support for students from high schools & colleges in variety of projects
  • Individual approach to the most engaged students
  • Participation in variety of schools fairs and other educational events
  • Student internships – whole year application process
  • Mentoring and supervision system for interns
  • Job fairs on campuses
  • Implementation Doctorates available on the job
  • Involvement in interesting initiatives and educational projects
  • Students deployment in the company life e.g. trainings, meetings etc

The jury committee under the lead of the vice president of Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Adam Banasz was responsible for selection of the winner.

“We are trying to distinguish from within businesses, one which is the best of the best, in terms of the company with vision, which appreciate the workforce, with forward thinking attitudes, which is already working towards upgrading their staff skillsets and thinking about their future employees, which is working with Universities, Colleges and high schools but also getting involved in the social sphere in order to be engaged in the labour market” – comments Adam Banaszak, vice president od PARP. Our target is to bring the interests of photonics to the young People, to prove that it is possible in Poland to work on innovative projects on the edge of business and science, and that hard team work can lead to success, but also familiarise students with topics of efficiency, productivity and effective time management skills. Thanks to us the young people will be more aware of the work ethics, they could decide about their careers or their future studies. This award is also appreciation of our cooperation with the Polish Cluster of Photonics and Fibres, Colleges and Universities who support us in our educational programme.

We would like to thank and congratulate to all our partners!

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